ill titleAbout Me              

My personal interests lie in the arts and sciences. Creative use of those disciplines in combination brings about real advancement in human culture.  

I cut diamonds as a trade and have a strength in the area of gemological diamond cutting, that I define as a team activity where a knowledgeable and experienced diamond cutter works closely with a seller/marketer to get optimum value out of a polished diamond.  I like most the artistic and technical challenges of gemological cutting.

Two gentlemen mentored me in the diamond trade: Leo Frankfort, a cutter from Holland who learned his trade at Asscher Diamant Maatschappij, and Harry Metz, a dealer in industrial and rough diamonds.  I learned both the technical and commercial basics of the business from those associations.

I like software licensed by its creators as common property. The Gnu/Linux operating system represents a prominent example of such software. My enthusiasm in this area lead me to co-found the Florida Linux Users Group.

I advocate for human rights, with particular concern about the misuse of government agencies to violate, and abuse by private organizations of one's rights to make a honest living, defend oneself or one's family, speak or publish factual information, and maintain the privacy of one's lawful activities and communications.  I consider my political views as politically eclectic.

ill titleAbout The Edge

I want the public aware of those individuals and organizations that are doing constructive activities for the benefit of mankind. Thus, I began The Edge as a radio program in March of 2003 at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Florida.  I had no previous experience as a talk show host and limited experience in radio program production.  I wanted to create a program with an interview/discussion format that gave my guests a forum to the public. This program succeeded and I interviewed many notable people during the five years and two months the program broadcasted live on the air and internet.

My guests have included: Alex Sink, Charlie Crist, Donald Saari, Greg Palast, Robert Levy, Andrew Gause, John Perkins, Robert Schulz, Laszlo Kish, Boris Korczak, Jimmy Wales, John Taylor Gatto, Chris Bryson, Robert Frank, Paul Connett, Bruce Perens, Bev Harris, Edward Belbruno, Eric Maisel, Marc Weber Tobias, Bruce Schneier, Lonnie Athens, Dan Ariely, Philip Zimbardo, James O. Prochaska, Stephen Wiseman, Arthur J. Deikman, Joe Navarro, Paul Ekman, Hugh Urban, David D. Burns, Steve Hassan, William Poundstone, Clive Boddy, Anthony Jack, Mark McClish, and Ken Minton.

After nine years of broadcast on Hawkradio, the new head of the media department at Hillsborough Community College, Nerissa Lamison, campaigned the administration to stop programs done by outside talent. Read more about this here.